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Why Become Our Partner

Market shows increased concern and emphasis on health prevention as opposed to health care with its escalating costs.

http://taltybaptistchurch.org/events/list/?tribe-bar-date=2021-08-25 Strong Science: Our clinically‐tested and/or scientifically studied extracts have no equivalent in the market. Our Green Extraction™ is the most advanced, clean and effective water based extraction method in the market today.

Broad Health Applications: organic aromatic acids (OAA) and flavanoids are highly bioactive natural compounds that have numerous health applications documented by most renowned world scientifc publications.

A Story to Tell: Bee propolis has an appealing story. The propolis serves as the “immune system” of the beehive making the inner‐hive the most sterile environment known to man. Honeybees form an amazing society which has been at the center of most debates in natural products industry.

Differentiation: key product differentiators for sustainable market advantage. From sustainable access to exotic types of bee propolis to the seal of quality, purity and potency of our Green Extraction™, your company will have plenty reasons to stand tall against competitors.

Business Model

Partnership: PhenolicFactory will engage preferably in EXCLUSIVE industry‐specific partnerships to exploit a mutually benefitting relationship.

Protection: Your territory competitors will not be able to access the extracts we offer to you.

Flexibility: with so many potential health applications and the ability to choose from a range of water and oil soluble extracts both in liquid and powder forms, product development is greatly facilitated.