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Health Benefits


order Ivermectin over the counter In the battle against free radicals, the rich antioxidant qualities of PhenolicFactory’s PWE™ and FLAV™ are unparalleled. In an independent study for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), FLAV™-R came in first with a stunning score of 3,540 µmol TE/g. That’s more than THREE TIMES stronger than that of the acclaimed acai berry.

Immune Modulation

The propolis of the honey bee originally functions as the immune system for the entire colony, protecting it from contamination and making the inner-hive one of the most sterile environments known to man. It is no surprise then, that bee propolis is known around the world for its immune system supporting properties. PWE™- M has been scientifically studied to provide immune system support and is standardized thorough a patent protected process for a minimum of 50 mg/g of total flavonoid content.


In an age of rising health care costs, the general public is showing a markedly increased concern with disease  prevention. This new emphasis has created an attractive and recession-proof global market for natural products worth nearly $300 billion that continues to grow. Despite this expanse of products, our clinically-tested and/or scientifically studied extracts have no equivalent in the market.  In particular, our Rubee Propolis™ scores highest in ORAC value and can be considered a premium source of antioxidant that far exceeds most commonly known antioxidant rich foods, including acai and other superfoods.

Hormonal Balancing Agent

FLAV™-M extract contains the hormonal balancing agent aglycone isoflavones. By mimicking human hormones at the hormone cell receptor sites in the body,  aglycone isoflavones provide many health benefits by creating a balancing effect when the level of estrogen is too high or too low. PhenolicFactory is the first to extract aglycone isoflavones from a non-soy botanical source for use in the United States. Aglycone isoflavones have been scientifically shown to be absorbed by the body many times faster and more efficiently than the common glucoside isoflavones.


Bee Propolis has been scientifically studied to promote oral health by inhibiting enzyme activity and growth of oral bacteria. Compared to the effectiveness of other propolis extracts, the red Brazilian propolis demonstrates the highest inhibition of bacterial growth.


The anti-inflammatory effects of PWE™ -M  has been scientifically studied and evaluated to support both respiratory
and digestive health. In a double blind, placebo controlled human study conducted at the University of Cairo, our PWE™ -M demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in lower respiratory health.