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Partners and Investors

Sandefjord Civilizations across the world have experienced the health benefits of bee propolis for millennia. It is PhenolicFactory’s desire to bring the nutritional advantages of the bioactive compounds derived from the work of honeybees through PhenolicFactory’s 100% harsh chemical-free natural extracts to your products.

Our founders have spent the last 30 years in the propolis producing fields, in new product development labs, and cooperating with leading universities to create the scientific research that makes it possible to bring to your industry the only standardized, highly bioactive bee propolis extracts. This exclusive access to most of Brazil’s red propolis production and our proprietary Green Extraction technology makes this a unique opportunity.

We look forward to have the opportunity to join with you as “Partners for Better Health”!

What do we offer?

The unique extracts produced at PhenolicFactory are highly bioactive natural compounds that have several health applications. This potential extends from use in the food and beverage industry to skin-care, cleaning supplies, pharmaceuticals, and beyond. Only limited by the creativity of our partners, the options continue to increase in taking advantage of the numerous benefits observed from our PWE™ and FLAV™ line of extracts.

Why become our partner?

In an age of rising health care costs, the general public is showing a markedly increased concern with health prevention. This new emphasis has created an attractive and recession-proof global market for natural products worth nearly $300 billion that continues to grow. Despite this expanse of products, our clinically-tested and/or scientifically studied extracts have no equivalent in the market.

What can you expect?

As a partner of PhenolicFactory LLC, you will have long-term, secure access to these exclusive extracts in a loyal, sustainable way. That loyalty is a two-way street. PhenolicFactory LLC engages in exclusive industry-specific partnerships to exploit a mutually benefiting relationship. As a result, your competitors will not be able to access them.