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Product Potential

Propolis Water Extracts (PWE™) and Propolis Flavonoids (FLAV™) cheap Misoprostol  are standardized to yield customizable concentrations of desired nutrients to support health. Our final products have a higher concentration of the essential bee propolis nutrients without other non-beneficial elements. Available in liquid or powder form, they can be incorporated into a broad spectrum of products without changing the taste, smell, or color.

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Scientifically Proven

The products and technologies of PhenolicFactory are the result of over thirty years of bee propolis science and research. Our liquid and powder extracts are standardized, clinically-tested, and have been the subject of extensive scientific studies from key academic institutions.

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Partners & Investors

Taking advantage of increased public concern with health prevention, partners in various fields such as cosmeceuticals, natural medicines and food supplements are constantly finding new applications for the purest and most effective bee propolis extracts available.

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From Nature

At PhenolicFactory, we employ our exclusive Green Extraction technology. Leaving intact the best of what nature has to offer, our patent-protected extraction process brings only what you need from the amazing bee propolis. The result is the purest, most effective ingredients without the use of harsh chemical solvents.

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